Do you have a Database and does it matter?

Think about this.

Your database is directly related to the success of your business.
The byproduct of the work that you have put into your business..

Great news, if you want to grow your database, your business this year, read on!

What’s a contact database?

* a collection of business cards
* inputted in an address book, your mobile phone, CRM
* a place to collect information

What kind of information do you gather?

* Who they are? What they do?
* Think about F.O.R.M.
* Information to build the relationship

How do I organize the information?

* categorize and put them in lists
A – people that say they will do business with you
B – people that you are cultivating to become A-list – made contact, contact was positive and you think that they may go into relationship
C – people you know or have contact information for
D – Delete
Everyone comes in as a C and gets bumped to the respective place. You get the idea.

Now let’s WORK on growing your business – yes it is a Contact sport

What does it take?

Let’s break it down:
25 Phone Calls
Typically you will have 6 No’s so you will have 19 new Contacts to Add to your Database
1 –   A List Contact
5 –   B List Contacts
13 – C List Contacts
19    New adds to your data base for 25 Calls.

5 days per week to do calls = 5 calls per day

Option 1: totally calling about your business and doing it by yourself

Option 2: combine forces with a group and have the advantage of when your A list grows for you it will grow for everybody.

As business people you’ve heard of those 5 calls per day — right?

Basically it’s this easy,

Who are you going to connect with today to increase your database.

Where do you find these contacts?

Networking events, trade shows, family gatherings, friends, charities, fundraisers
Online business directories, social media
Places you do business, people you are requiring their services, people you would like to collaborate or work with.
People you can help.

Do you have a CRM?  Always interested in your great ideas!

I’d like to invite you to join me and introduce you to some great business people I know at an upcoming event

Margaret-Ann Davis 
Relationship Expert  
GR Business Networking Ottawa


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