Do you want to “stand out”, grow your business and save time. Do this! 

Top 3 reasons to invite a guest to your next meeting:

1-Your guests will thank you and be flattered that you thought enough of them to invite them.  I mean who wouldn’t want to be invited to an event where they meet new business people, have a warm introduction,  and not have to do it alone.

2- You will stand out as that “go to” person.  You get that the secret to success is “helping others succeed”  It will make you feel good, it will make them feel good, and people will be watching for you.   You are the person people gravitate to.  You are “Standing Out”

3- It can be the start of a new relationship that open doors to new opportunities. It will strengthen your relationships.  They may reciprocate, introduce you to people that are not in your circle.  If you are in a business group they may want to join your team.

Together Everyone Achieves More.

Networking is an effective way to meet people to grow your business and your network exponentially,  it opens the doors to unlimited opportunities and referrals.

It’s a Win, Win!  

Schedule it in — send an email, pick up the phone, jot a note on social media, mail a card, ask, ask, ask!

When you own a business you need to always be meeting new people, make this part of your daily routine, make it simple, invite everyone. 

You could start inviting here 

Now that was EASY!!

Got a tip to share?  Leave a comment 🙂 

Building relationships one conversation at a time.
Let’s Connect!

Margaret-Ann Davis
Business Consultant
Accelerate your business.

Margaret-Ann Davis


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