How does your garden grow?

Spring is in the air, oh the smells and sounds of new beginnings, can you feel it?  It’s my favourite season of the year,  you can literally hear, smell and see growth all around you, time to think, what seeds are you going to plant this year?
Whether you’re planting seeds to grow a garden, your business, a group, here’s a few things to think about.

What will it take to have a bountiful harvest?

What kind of preparation, effort and consistency will it take to see my business flourish this season?  Have you created a plan that can keep you consistent and enjoying the fresh produce throughout the entire season.  Have you considered connecting with people that can help you (invite them to your business group) 

Have you invested in the preparation time to ensure your soil is ready for planting seeds?  Tilling, fertilizer, weeding.

Are you on top of your database?  Customer service follow up. Let go of what is not serving you (yep that’s clients too)!  Do you have  your step by step plan in place to refer to and see how your business/garden is growing?  Are you continually prospecting?  Are you sharing and collaborating with your business group? 

Have you taken the time to consider what seeds you want to plant and what these plants are going to require to flourish?   Frequent watering, shade, sun.   Every seed is unique.

It’s important to know who and what you are looking for, how you can be of service, why your products/services can be of benefit to them.  Although similar, every seed requires different elements to thrive and survive, invite a seed to your business group.  

How much time and effort will it require?  Water, fertilize, weed, cultivate, encourage, harvest.

An investment of time, energy and planning is instrumental to ensure proper growth and reap the benefits and fruits of your labour.   Join a business group and fast track your success.
I’m a little partial to business groups, why be the “lonely petunia” when you can take part in the whole garden and share in discussions and opportunities for new fruits & vegetables.   Sharing tips and ideas, sharing your plot, and participating as a group with like minded gardeners will definitely ensure you have a bountiful harvest and have someone to enjoy it with.

When you are part of a business group you don’t have to do it alone, the steps you use individually or as a team are the same.  Many hands make light work.

Why not make it a community garden?

Plan your garden
Plant your seeds
Plan to fertilize, water and weed
Enjoy the fruits of your labour
Plan growth for your business group
Invite Guests
Plan to welcome and share opportunity
Enjoy the dynamic group you have helped create

Grow your business group, grow your business!

What does your garden look like?  Please share how you plan yours.
Building relationships one conversation at a time. Let’s Connect! Margaret-Ann Davis Business Consultant Accelerate your business.
Margaret-Ann Davis

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