I am not sure who originally created this acronym but I am particularly fond of it.  It is not only a great way to start a conversation and communicate, but it is a great way to uncover facts and understand the people you are connecting with.

If you struggle with conversation, this is for you, business or pleasure, it’s all about building relationships and it all starts with a conversation.
Memorize this and you will never be at a loss for starting a conversation again.

Family– Kids – Spouse – Parents – Status 

1.   Tell me about your family?
2.   How did you meet your husband/wife/partner?
3.   Where did you grow up?
4.   Do you still have family there?
5.   How many years have you lived here?
6.   Do you have pets?
7.  Now create your own.
8. _______________________________________________________
9. _______________________________________________________
10. ______________________________________________________

Occupation  – Career – Business

1.   What do you do?
2.   What do you like to do?
3.   How do you spend your time?
4.   Tell me about your job/business? Past life?
5.   What is the best part of your job?
6.   What is most challenging?
7.   How did you choose your job/profession?
8.   What would you tell someone just starting out in your profession?
9.   _____________________________________________________________

Recreation– Sports – Hobby – Volunteer – Charity

1.   Do you have a favourite sport or hobby?
2.   What do you like to do in your spare time for fun?
3.   How did you get into that?
4.   What did you do for fun as a kid?
5.   What is your favorite type of food/restaurant?
6.   Do you volunteer?
7.   Are you kids involved in activities?
8.   ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________________________________________
9.  ____________________________________________________________
10. ____________________________________________________________

Motivation– What is important to them – gets them excited – Passion

1.   Aside from work and recreation, what is really important to you?
2.   Is there something you are really passionate about? A cause?
3.   If time and money didn’t matter, what would you be doing?
4.   What in the past has made you the happiest?
5.   If you were given 5 minutes to talk with the Prime Minister, what would you say?
6.   If you had a month to live, what would you do?
7.   If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
8.   ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________________________________________________________
9.   _____________________________________________________________
10. ______________________________________________________________

Let’s face it, we all love talking about ourselves, once you master the art of conversation the 2nd step is to learn how to guide the conversation in more depth to uncover the needs and truly learn how you can be of service to them?   

It is the art of helping them, help you!   Got it?

And remember this is a conversation, don’t make the person feel like they are in the “hot seat” by drilling them!   Relax and let it flow naturally – develop your own set of questions that is comfortable for you and your new connection.


Yes it’s check in time, phew, I had a conversation, but did I listen???   Did I make some mental notes?   Did I make notes?
Did I have an aha moment and realize that there was something else I wanted to share, say or ask?    WRITE IT DOWN!!   Make a note.

What is the next step?   

1 – A follow up call to say it was great meeting them.
2 – An invitation to meet in person.
3 – Maybe an invite to your business group.
Something that will enable you to refer back to your “notes” and direct the conversation to help you be of service to them, or someone they know.
Consider the following:
Do you know if they are
–      doing renovations
–      looking for a weekend getaway
–      purchasing a vehicle
–      wanting to take up golf or a new sport
–      looking to downsize
–      have kids graduating from college
–      have family that are ill
–      not filed their income tax in a couple years
–      desperately need to understand how to do finances
–      have extra money they want to “give” but not sure who or how they want to help
–      retired and have time to do other things
–      retired and want to volunteer
–      new business owners looking to meet people
–      new to the area
What do you know about the people you meet? 
The law of average dictates that 250 people impact our lives in our circle, they arrived at this number based on the number of people that will show up to our funeral.
So let’s just say, if it was even ½ that or ½ of that, that is still a lot of connections each one of us have.
I believe it’s a combination of who you know and what you know that can lead to the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
What’s your favourite opening question? 

Building relationships one conversation at a time.
Let’s Connect!

Margaret-Ann Davis
Business Consultant
Accelerate your business.

Margaret-Ann Davis

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