If you are in business and want to leverage your time one of the most effective ways to do this is to be part of a team.

Being on a team gives you more time to be “working on” your business as opposed to “working in” your business.

For example, think of the power you have when your team commits to 5 calls per day to meet people and are leveraged with a team of 10.

10 people x 5 calls = 50 calls per day,  50 calls x 5 days = 250 calls per week, 250 calls x 4 weeks = 1000 calls per month 

Now what if your team plans an added bonus of a monthly event to invite your new prospects out to introduce them to the people you are working with.   Awesome!!!!

Meet new people, introduce them to your peers and stand out.

For the sake of this article we are going to call this special event a GUEST DAY! 

Sound good?  Read on:

1 – What is the Goal of the monthly Guest Day event?  

To grow your personal database!   If you have a business, you need to meet new people!

Do you want to grow your personal contact database and meet new people?

Yes?  Read on:

No:  Awesome!  I would really like to connect as it would seem it is time for you to expand your business.

I know a LOT of people and would love to help you make that happen!

2 – You have a group/team to work with and leverage your time?  

Yes?  Read on:

No:  I would love to hear from you to see how I can help you get connected.

3 – You want to learn and practice strategies of successful business people?  

Yes?  Read on:

No:  I really want to speak to you!  I am always looking to engage people who have these strategies nailed down tight.

The more I can connect with people like you who might be willing to share, the better off everybody is.

4 – You want to learn how to put a plan in place for a success GUEST DAY/event? Read on: 

The goal is to work  and grow your personal database, a great benefit of this action and habit that all successful business people utilize (like 5 calls per day) is that it will also give you connections to other businesses that want to grow their business.

Follow this link for help with your data base Building your Network – ABC’s of CRM’s

You are not selling you are connecting and asking questions to uncover their needs and how you can help them.

From a team perspective here’s how your month should work:

First week: (map it out)    make a list. 

Who do you want to meet?   Who do you want on the team?  Who do you want to collaborate with?   What do you need to learn?   What services are you looking for?  Who can you help?

Second week: (accountability)

Who did you reach out to?  How many people did you meet and add to your CRM?  How many did you invite to your event?  Share successes with the team and help each other with obstacles that you encountered.

Third week:  (logistics)  

Take a look at your list and lets figure out who is coming?    Who will you be following up  with to confirm they are attending your event?    Decide on an approximate amount of attendees so you can share when you are touching base.

“I’m looking forward to introducing you to the group, we have (#) business people attending so far.   By the way, is there someone you can think of that might like to grow their Network that you’d like to invite? 

Fourth week: (enjoy the benefits of your efforts)

Successful Guest Day event! 

This exercise is about growing your database and the beginnings of new relationships.

Nobody wants to be “SOLD”.

Your goal is to MEET them! 

If your event adds value to a business person’s life, and they decide to be a part of your group/team/connections, AWESOME!

If your connection leads you to $50,000.00 in business, helping someone else, or connecting the dots to something bigger,  ALSO AWESOME!

If you never met…………..

I’d like to invite you to join us for a Guest Day in Ottawa 

Margaret-Ann Davis 
Relationship Expert  
GR Business Networking Ottawa

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