Networking Success – You got this!

Whether you are attending a networking event or part of a business group here’s 5 great ways to save you time, have you standing out and creating some great networking habits for success!

Grow your network = Grow your biz!


  •  schedule in meetings/events and leave extra time for connecting before and after the event.
  • Learn who will be in attendance ahead of time and want to meet
  • reach out and meet after event 

 This also confirms attendance as you both have another reason to attend. 

 2 – STAND OUT  

  • invite the people you know and are meeting each day to events
  • strengthen relationships by introducing them to the people you know
  • save time sharing your business in a group or meeting 

1 meeting with 10 people or 10 people with 1 meeting each.   Your choice! 


  • Connect with everyone on SOCIAL MEDIA  Blog, Business page, Facebook, LinkedIn, check out their website.  
  • Give a Shout Out to the organizers of the networking event or meeting you attended and thank them for hosting!  
  • Like, Share a post, Stand out!    I mean “START THE CAR”!  

Who knows who KNOWS who, who goes where, what you have in common, be consistently building new relationships.  It’s a Win, Win!


  • Take advantage of your growing warm network and stay connected to find ways that will mutually support each of you   
  • Build trust a key component to unlimited opportunities and referrals
  • Keep a journal, use your CRM,  schedule it in

This is all part of networking and succeess for your business, getting to know people and them getting to know YOU, “NO MORE COLD CALLS”. 


  • Stand out, be the “go to” person that people gravitate to and look for.
  • Have fun and allow people to get to know you.
  • Plan to be accountable and schedule your events in
  • Don’t be a no-show when people are waiting to meet you.
  • Plan to participate and be conscious when you are meeting people.

No phones, no texts, do make eye contact, do listen, do smile, do engage.   Learn what  products and services they offer,  it is a 2-way street and for this to work it is your responsibility to help them, so take the lead. Be the “GIVER”

Building relationships one conversation at a time. 
Let’s Connect!

Margaret-Ann Davis 
Business Consultant
Accelerate your business. 

Margaret-Ann Davis 

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