You attend a business event, there’s photos, you are shared on Social Media and you are like NOOOO……., not that picture…. I look …….

TIPalways look your best, you are your own advertising board  🙂

But if you’re in business one of your goals is to “Stand Out” and let’s face it, always easier when someone else does it for you. Then it’s up to you to leverage that moment in time and get engaged. Help them, help you, help them, It’s a Win, Win!

You should really thank the person that takes the time to do this at events you attend, it’s a great way to remember the people you met and the people you didn’t, and who knows, you may even want to be that photographer that everyone remembers, so get out the phone and snap some moments……….yes that is definitely something to consider — are you having an aha???

So when someone tags you, shares you, tweets you or you get the picture, perhaps it’s time to rethink and reframe and welcome these moments. Let’s give them something to talk about!

Top 10 reasons to thank a tag!

  1. You can put a face to the people in the photo that you just met and maybe see the ones you missed meeting
  2. You can easily ask to connect, friend, like and start the relationship
  3. You can learn more about them and what products & services they offer
  4. They can research you and learn more about you, and this is FANTASTIC so make sure your social media and website are up to date
  5. You can give them a shout out and thank them
  6. You can share a little testimonial about how great it was and even ask about their business on that post
  7. You can comment on how great the event was and tag the organizer and say you are looking forward to the next one
  8. You being tagged makes it really EASY to “Stand Out” make your comments real and sincere.
  9. You want to be active on social media, this makes it so SIMPLE, people are watching
  10. This is FREE advertising for YOU, did I mention FREE, YOU are the product. Be MEMORABLE

Now TAG, SHARE & Like – what do you think?

Building relationships one conversation at a time.
Let’s Connect!

Margaret-Ann Davis
Business Consultant
Accelerate your business.

Margaret-Ann Davis

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