I mean really, if we need to take a few lessons on spreading the word, and sharing a message, this is a great place to start! What was Santa’s Secret?  

Well when you start breaking it down this guy was a pretty smart dude, and we can all experience magic in our businesses following a few simple strategies that he implemented, if you’re a believer and a doer!

What was Santa’s story?    

Simple, he wanted to come to town and give everyone who was good a present, and those that were bad a lump of coal. Sounds like a pretty big pipe dream really, but hey, this guy is good. So how the heck was he going to accomplish that?

He had a Goal (fantastic at creating an annual business plan)

  • He was making a list (of all his clients)  
  • checking it twice (correct information & target market, who they were, where they lived, what they wanted)  
  • going to find out who was naughty or nice (assessing annual results & needs of his clients) 
  • he knew when you were sleeping, awake, bad or good (customer service and solution provider, he really understood his clients and how he was going to help them)  

He was a Go Giver (gave to strangers, he knew that everyone was important)

  • Presents (took the time to find out what they really wanted and was a great note taker)
  • Hope (waiting in anticipation for December 24th, created a feeling of excitement all year, great with TIME Management)
  • Memories (family, friends, and he was memorable with his big red suit and signature laugh, he was a master of making dreams come true)
  • Fun (he had a team of great people that loved what they did, a sleigh that flew, a reindeer that lead the way with his red shiny nose and a signature belly laugh)

He wanted to help people (bring people together & focus on their skills, strengths, qualities and all the special talents they had)

  • He hired elves that were professional toy makers (product & services)  
  • he had people that shared his vision and wanted to help him achieve his dreams, like Mrs. Claus (Team leader & support) 
  • he used flying reindeer and Rudolph with his shiny nose (sales & marketing)
  • he used the services & skills of people he knew so he could expand and really get the story out – photo booths, Santa’s that duplicated him, created movies, tv shows, music (photographers, realtors, trades, etc.) 

So, really what was Santa’s Secret? 

He had a great story, shared his story, attracted people that loved his story, and built a team that liked, knew & trusted each other and him,

they really wanted to help and support each other be the best they could be,

he helped them shine, excel and stand out, and they in turn did likewise, they loved what they were doing, 

and it was such a great story that it spread far and wide, and everyone continued to talk about it, which resulted in creating awesome memories that last forever and a story that continues to spread and go down in history.  

Now that’s what I call “magical”, who’d a thought?   Santa’s Secret.  

As we move into another year this is a great time to think about your story.  Is it memorable, everyone talking about it, is it going to go down in history?

What can you do to have more fun, add more excitement to your life and create your own amazing story? 

What interesting & fun things can you think about that happened this year to start creating a memorable story next year?

 A really simple place to start if you have a “story block” think about:

  • People you have met 
  • Who are you helping
  • What made you decide to do what you do
  • Projects you have collaborated on 
  • People that have helped you
  • Fun stories, sometimes the hiccups in starting a biz
  • Success Stories and why you continue to do what you do

Personal or professional, it’s about people getting to know the REAL YOU! 

What can you do to improve people’s lives while creating fun, exciting and meaningful relationships which will result in some great memories and a story that will keep on living and go down in history.

Building relationships one conversation at a time.
Let’s Connect!

Margaret-Ann Davis
Business Consultant
Accelerate your business.

Margaret-Ann Davis

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