Great news for Ottawa as My Healthy Green Planet expo launches on May 2nd & 3rd.

Malcolm Sinclair-Park is the Founder of this first time event and also the Publisher of Living Well Magazine and I am thrilled to supporting his endeavours with amazing people in the Nations Capital.

Malcolm made Ottawa home over 5 years ago and says he can’t imagine living anywhere else but this beautiful city.  
He is the father of 3 grown sons and 3 grandchildren.  A dedicated downhill skier and hiker and especially enjoys long walks with his loyal and trusted 13 year old smooth collie Meadow. 

He is passionate and committed to helping make the world a better place and it starts with the “Power of One”

Why is the Power of One so important ?It is significant in that we ALL can make a difference in so many ways. Each one of us is Vested in the current changes happening to our home Planet Earth.  We all have a responsibility to be stewards for the environment ~ Malcolm Sinclair-Park

Small changes in the choices we make about products and services become exponential changes when multiplied.
As Ghandi so famously said
“You must be the change you want to see in the world “. 
The Power of One is the power in You
Come listen to our speakers and feel ” Empowered with Knowledge to make better choices.”   

Guest speakers sharing information on:

There’s something for everyone from Conscious Consumerism to learning how we can understand more about solar power and everything in between.   Remember when we know better we do better. 

The purpose of My Healthy Green Planet Expo is to create a forum to bring together businesses and innovators that are providing products and services meeting the needs for a more sustainable future. 

The goal is to provide an opportunity to come face to face with people who are looking for solutions and have solutions for sustainable living. Education together and the timing couldn’t be better.

FREE to attend register and bring your ticket and you are going to be entered in a draw for an amazing overnight private lakeside retreat for 2 from

Grab a booth and share your products and services
Register here or for more information reach out and we’ll send you an email and the Promo Package All businesses welcome.

And for those thinking “I’m not green” remember this, every small act counts “The Power of ONE”

Leave a comment and let’s brainstorm on how we can help make this Planet Healthy.
There is no Planet B.

Thrilled to be supporting Malcom on this initiative. I hope you can join us.

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