What measures can we implement to save man hours, time, frustrations for employees, employers, clients and the public in Covid-19?

This pandemic has the power to shut down everything by the simplest inadvertent transmission of an invisible killer by an unknowing person with catastrophic consequences.

With Covid-19 testing and efforts in place to slow down transmission of this “virus” we’re experiencing handheld thermometers that point to your forehead, list of questions sometimes at several points in the same building in an effort to keep each other safe through this pandemic. 

I had the chance to talk to Yvon Pepin, Founder of Medcore 360 who is really passionate about helping to find a solution that can make life just a little more simple in these challenging times and I think he’s on to something – “a simple and cost effective solution”

In a nutshell it’s a Face Scan –

How does it work?

  • Your face is scanned, 
  • temperature recognized 
  • reminded to wear a mask šŸ˜· 
  • report is sent
  • immediate results

Now that was easy!

Think of the possibilities –
An affordable solution for all business.
Health facilities, corporations, offices, industry, manufacturing plants, Doctor and Dental offices, the list is endless of who can benefit.


Look forward to hearing your comments — got a question don’t hesitate to reach out I’d be happy to introduce you to Yvon Pepin.

Simple Solutions that need a voice, questions?

Have an awesome day,

Margaret-Ann Davis
Business Architect 
Phone: 1.613.294.6263
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Special tip for entrerpreneurs and businesses.

I am part of an online community called Connect Ottawa Business People, we are bringing together business people and entrepreneurs local and global and welcome everyone.
Please consider this an invitation to one of our upcoming weekly events, it would be awesome to meet you online face to face and learn more about the products and services you offer.

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