Think about it, you spend your valuable time, money and resources to CONNECT with people, right?
In order to grow your business, you need to grow your professional and social Network, right?
But have you got an effective process in place to follow up with everyone you are meeting?
An effective way to build real relationships?

If you want to grow your database and your business this year, read on!

What’s a CRM “Customer Relationship Management”?

  • a collection of CONNECTIONS
  • input in a data base
  • to collect information/memory joggers
  • that is easily accessible
  • for effectively following up
  • utilized to build relationships

What kind of information do you gather?

  • Who your connections are?
  • What do they do?
  • Use F.O.R.M. to gather relevant Information
  • Build the relationship, what do you need to know?
  • Schedule in the next meeting, follow up, keep in touch

How do I organize the information?

  • Categorize and put them in lists – in this illustration everyone will start as a C, work with a system that will work for you.
  • A – people that say they will do business with you
    1. you’ve had the conversations
    2. you are doing business
  • B – people that you are cultivating to become part of your A-list –
    1. made connection
    2. contact was positive
    3. relationship possible
  • C – people you know or have contact information for
    1. meetings/events
    2. in your phone
    3. family
  • D – Delete or Leave
    1. not to spend time on
    2. for whatever reason it is not a fit
    3. not going to happen

Everyone comes in as a C and gets bumped to the respective place. You get the idea.

Now let’s WORK on growing your business – yes it is a Contact sport in more than one way!

How can I grow my CRM?

Break it down: 25 Phone Calls

Typically you will have 6 No’s so you will have 19 new Contacts to Add to your Database.

  • 1 –   A List Contact
  • 5 –   B List Contacts
  • 13 – C List Contacts

Therefore 25 calls equals 19 new contacts for your database.

5 calls per day x 5 days per week = 25 calls per week

Option 1: totally calling about your business and doing it by yourself

Option 2: combine forces with a group and have the advantage of when your A list grows for you it will grow for everybody.

5 calls per day — is it worth it?

It’s this easy,

Who are you going to connect with today to increase your database?

Where do you find these contacts?

  • Networking events, trade shows, family gatherings, friends, charities, fundraisers
  • Online business directories, social media
  • Places you do business, people you are requiring their services, people you would like to collaborate or work with.
  • People you can help.

Do you have a CRM and a process to help you be more effective?  

Think of all the time you will save having a system & process in place. Ready for the next step to learn more about choosing a CRM?

I’d like to introduce you to Craig March the Founder of Productivv who I am working with and is helping businesses of all sizes get started with an effective CRM.

Ready to learn more? Let’s Connect!

Make your day awesome,

Margaret-Ann Davis
Business Connector

Margaret-Ann Davis

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