Effective networking is more than just business.

When you intentionally focus on building relationships, networking is effortless and expanding is easy.


I’m Margaret-Ann and thrilled you stopped by. I look forward to learning how I can help You.

About Margaret-Ann:

She is also know as a match maker, coach, consultant, speaker, Queen  of Networking, Mom and fondly referred to as MAD.

She shows up with a positive attitude to inspire those she meets to live and be the best you.  She has a keen 6th sense which she has developed that can help guide YOU to have a clear vision of your future and recognize the doors of opportunity that surround us and are ready to be opened.  

Matchmaking and Networking

Despite being called “crazy” and sometimes “misunderstood” by friends and family, she followed her dream of owning a business, networking and being of service to others.  

She has always been an expert at customer service and has personally welcomed 1000’s of people to connect and build relationships during her 40+ years in the hospitality and customer service industry. People are her passion and she met many as a pub owner, caterer, event planner, head cook, Manager,  matchmaker, social director, fashion consultant, jeweller, GradUit Coach and Business Networker. 

Margaret-Ann also excelled and acheived recognition in sales earning trips, prizes and awards that were beneficial in her better understanding the tips and strategies for helping others to succeed and follow thier passion.

Together Everyone Achieves More.

Talks and Workshops

Margaret-Ann speaks and facilitates at business meetings, workshops, trainings and special events.  She has combined networking, coaching and success strategies to help people discover their own talents and gifts and excel personally and professionally. 


Margaret-Ann is a natural collaborator and match maker and loves opportunities to brainstorm and partner with local businesses and entrepreneurs.  

She follows the theory of why reinvent the wheel, which leads to opportunities that are beneficial to both parties.

Giving Back

Margaret-Ann deeply cares about the welfare of others and loves to combine forces and help raise money for local charities.
Events help create awareness for the organizations, bring people together to work as a team and help generate funds. It’s a Win, Win. 

She created the “Ottawa Charities Golf Tournament” with the help of many local business people that as helped raise over $22,000. to date helping raise funds for:

Ability First OttawaOttawa Regional Cancer FoundationStrong Orange, Dave Smith Youth & Treatment Center, CADS-NCD Canadian Adaptive Snowsports, Serendipity Group

Surround yourself with people you want to be like: 
  • Fun, enthusiastic, positive, energetic and KIND 
  • “go giver”, serve others and have a great attitude
  • Committed, Accountable, Integrity, Team Player 

What’s your story? Let’s Connect!

Make your day awesome,

Margaret-Ann Davis
Business Connector