About me

Welcome, welcome, welcome!
I’m Margaret-Ann and thrilled you are here,  
I love meeting new people and staying connected with the great people I have met, I’m a bit of a matchmaker and love to introduce people to the people I know.  
Working as a TEAM is very important to me, I want everyone to be included and have a network/community that supports them.  
Together Everyone Achieves More, we need to be each others biggest advocate. 
Know, Like & Trust 
This is the formula that leads to great relationships, personally or professionally doesn’t matter.  It’s about getting to the TRUST that creates partnerships, collaborations, referrals, it’s about YOU & ME, we are the product.   We need TRUST so we can really help each other, support each other then the opportunites and referrals will follow.   
I am the Franchisee for GR Business Networking Ottawa. 
GR gave me a simple reason and solution to connect with people face to face, meet people and grow successful businesses together.  Took all the pressure off me, “it needs to be about how I can help you and not how I can help myself“, super simple to invite people out to meet the dynamic people I know.  It’s a brilliant strategy.   The rest comes later, a great START to a relationship. 
About me: 
I have over forty years of experience and accomplishments in direct sales, customer service, hospitality industry, coaching and helping people navigate this wonderful journey of life.
I am proud to have built a career and skill set based on networking and the power of outreach and relationships. 
Also known as the “Matchmaker”, “Queen of Networking”, “Business Coach” and “Mom”,  I have a unique ability of learning what you need and helping you succeed.  
I have
  • 7+ years Top Sales Court in Direct Sales
  • Career in being a Pub Owner  ~ tripled business 1st year
  • 40+ years coordinating special events for fun, fundraising, corporations, community, personal development 
I believe I excel at what I do as a result of overcoming fears, challenges and surrounding myself with a team of people that lift me up and have supported me on this wonderful jourey of LIFE. 
Sometimes our losses dictate the path we will follow.
I want no one to be alone, the more we are connected the more we can help each other.  
It is important for me to surround myself with people that think the same. 
  • Fun, enthusiastic, positive & energetic
  • Have a “go giver” attitude, ready to serve others
  • Committed, Accountable, Integrity, Team Player 
I am passionate about Mental Health 
I have experienced the loss of a sister to suicide and a list too long to share here of those that suffer with mental illness in silence or being misunderstood.  My mission is to make sure everyone is included in a network or communty that supports them.
But know this, when you’re my friend I’ve got your back and together we can change and educate the world!  

Envision this

You walk into a room of people, they are laughing, talking, having fun and then they see YOU. 

This room is full of people that are positive, forward thinking and really care about making you feel welcome and learning how they can help you. They are your personal success team. You are not alone!

You are excited about what you just experienced, how you felt so welcomed, at ease, supported like this is where you were meant to be.

You can’t wait to invite your friends and introduce them, you know you have found your TEAM.

Together Everyone Acheives More

Do you want to be part of that story! 

Come experience an event in Ottawa at GR Business Networking,

Connect with me and share how I can help you,

Margaret-Ann Davis

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