About me

Welcome,  I’m Margaret-Ann and thrilled you stopped in, 
If we haven’t met, let me share that I’m a bit of a matchmaker and love to introduce people to the people I know.  
Working as a TEAM is very important to me, I want everyone to be included and have a network/community that supports them.  Together Everyone Achieves More    
My business is GR Business Networking Ottawa and I passionate about helping business people succeed.  Creating events for people to use as a platform to meet, share tips & strategies and invite the people they know is the starting point to meeting people that can turn into amazing relationships.  Wouldn’t you agree?  
I am also a Seacret Agent – smiling?
I am also thrilled to participate in Awesome-preneurs monthy event. We need to celebrate each others successes. 
Everything hinges on ~ Know, Like & Trust 
This is the formula for success personally and professionally.  
TRUST creates partnerships, collaboration, referrals, it’s about YOU, it’s about ME, it’s about us, we are the product and we need to TRUST each other.   I’ve got your back! 
About Me: 
Over forty years of experience and accomplishments in direct sales, customer service, hospitality industry, coaching and helping people navigate this wonderful journey of life.
I am proud to have built a career and skill set based on networking and the power of outreach and relationships. 
Also known as the “Matchmaker”, “Queen of Networking”, “Business Coach” and “Mom”,  I have a unique ability of learning what you need and helping you succeed.  
  • 10+ years Top Sales Court in Direct Sales
  • Proud past Pub Owner  ~ tripled business 1st year
  • 40+ years coordinating special events for fun, fundraising, corporations, community, personal development 
My success was directly related to surrounding myself with like-minded supportive people, building relationships on TRUST,  this allowed me to overcome fears, challenges and reciprocate to them.   That’s what it is ALL about.  It’s all about RELATIONSHIPS and community. 
It is important for me to surround myself with people that think the same. 
  • Fun, enthusiastic, positive, energetic and KIND 
  • Be a “go giver”, serve others and have a great attitude
  • Committed, Accountable, Integrity, Team Player 
I am passionate about Mental Health 
The loss of my precious younger sister to suicide was devastating, my family also had lived through years with bi-polar & depression and understand the affects on all family members.  I was proactive in these discussions with people I met and driven to bringing a voice to mental issues that years ago were well kept secrets in the closet.
Opportunites for everyone to be part of a supportive community/network.

Together Everyone Acheives More

What’s your story? 

Please join me at an upcoming event and as always I am happy to recieve an email, text or call.

You my friend are the Star and play the leading role in your life, how can I help you shine and have an awesome day?

Your success partner,

Margaret-Ann Davis
Relationship Expert


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