I want to help you put more FUN into your life, create more TIME for things that matter, with a TEAM of amazing people that you build REAL relationships with.

Conversations are the key to success!

Networking, Online visibility, Sponsorship Opportunities, Showcasing your business, Working with a success TEAM, learning a new skill, STARTing a new venture, HR help?

How can I help you today? Let’s start with a conversation.

Build incredible connections with other trusted business people with GR International business networking.

Be seen as GREEN in Ottawa May 2nd & 3rd. This is the place to be to learn, share, sponsor, be seen, be green. Reduce your carbon footprint, everyone is welcome! Booths, Sponsors, Participants register here.

A program and tools to help entrepreneurs and businesses turn their existing business into a fully automated operation which runs completely on it’s own and provides financial freedom. Be Productivv.

The #1 way to create more visibility for your business and be found first. 360 Virtual tours, Google My Business, Search Engine Optimization.

The Seacret to Vitality is through your skin with products from the DEAD SEA.

Top picks for Health & Wellness, the #1 Miracle pill on the market today is Molecular Hydrogen which earned the name Recovery, “helps you recover quicker”.

What are you looking for? Let me introduce you to the people I Know, Like & Trust. Building relationships one conversation at a time. 

Margaret-Ann Davis

Business Consultant & Resources


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Margaret-Ann Davis 
Business Consultant & Resources