Welcome,  I’m Margaret-Ann and thrilled you stopped in, 
If we haven’t met, I look forward to getting to know you either online or offline, I’m a bit of a matchmaker and love to connect people and learn what you do.
Working as a TEAM is important to me, Together Everyone Achieves More    
Know, Like & Trust is how you build real relationships with real people which gives real results, personally, professionally this is the recipe for success.  
TRUST leads to partnerships, collaboration, referrals, it’s about YOU, it’s about ME, it’s about us, we are the product and we need to get to TRUST.
About Me: 
Over forty years of experience and accomplishments in direct sales, customer service, hospitality industry, coaching and helping people navigate this wonderful journey of life.
I am proud to have built a career and skill set based on networking and the power of outreach and relationships. 
Also known as the “Matchmaker”, “Queen of Networking”, “Business Coach” and “Mom”,  I have a unique ability of learning what you need and helping you succeed.  
  • 7+ years Franchisee for GR Business Networking Ottawa 
  • 10+ years Top Sales Court in Direct Sales 
  • Proud past Pub Owner  ~ tripled business 1st year
  • 40+ years coordinating special events for fun, fundraising, corporations, community, personal development 
All accomplishments have been directly related to being surrounded by a group of like-minded supportive people.
  • Fun, enthusiastic, positive, energetic and KIND 
  • “Go givers”, serve others and have a great attitude
  • Committed, Accountable, Integrity, Team Player 
I am passionate about Mental Health 
The loss of my precious younger sister to suicide was devastating, that is why I am proud to support a new organization called The Serendipity Group that is supporting people for Mental Health. 
Opportunites for everyone to be part of a supportive community/network.

Together Everyone Acheives More

What’s your story? 

Your success partner,

Margaret-Ann Davis
Business Architect