Independent SEACRET Agent

I got so excited about the results that my husband and I experienced with Recovery 7.2 that we joined the company as we feel compelled to spread the word. I am a SEACRET Agent with SEACRET.

We were looking for a miracle for a simple health solution, let me explain, my husband Jeff had a stroke and I had emergency bowel surgery (within a month of each other) both hospitalized for a week with very lengthy recoveries. The cost of illness is high — personally, emotionally, physically and monetarily, and it sure resonates how true these words ring your “health is wealth” if you don’t have your health…….need I say more.

That has led us here, and although our first introduction was based on our research of “Molecular Hydrogen” and all the benefits from 100’s of articles that have been written, we are over the moon to have access to everything this company offers including age-defying products made with Minerals from the Dead Sea.

Be warned this is an unedited version I am sharing with you of the products and all the questions .

Favourite video that shares “Health made Simple” with Director and Creator Dr. Cohn and product line called 7.2

Here’s what I know:

  • safe
  • clean 
  • 100% money back 

Use it for a month you will get one or two results, you will get your Life back or you will get your Money back

If you have an ISSUE with: 

  • Energy – greens 
  • Sleep – booster 
  • Discomfort – recovery 
  • Weight – shakes 

4 Products – They are 100% safe, 100% clean and 100% money back guarantee. 
We are not here to fix symptoms, we are here to strengthen the host.