Polar Perfect

POLAR PERFECT – A magnet attracting like-minded people that want more Fun, Health, Community, and Opportunity in life, and bringing to that final form perfect which is in each of us.

On a quest to live well and be well after my husband and I both had a health crisis within a month of each other, I was looking for a simple strategy, I was looking for a Miracle Pill ~ I found so much more! Do you believe doors open when you know what you want?

We created a group on Facebook called Polar Perfect as a place to share and attract people that want the same or even curious about learning more, come join us.

This is not about fixing symptoms, it is about healing the host. It was about adding something to your body so it would heal itself.

Let me introduce you to the miracle – Molecular Hydrogen, there are 100’s of studies on numerous benefits this product can have on the body. Below you will find links to the research I have been doing myself.

WHY am I talking about this?

I was introduced to a truly ground breaking and one of a kind product called Recovery 7.2, it is unique because of the delivery system, first time ever in tablet form that is convenient and cost effective for everyone to enjoy and quite honestly no one knows about it, and the benefits are endless.

What happens when you are introduced to a company that has cutting edge technology?

You investigate – right?

Now wait for it ………… the company is called SEACRET, I am now a SEACRET Agent, and yep I do love my new title, come on, you’re smiling right?

My SEACRET Agent skills uncovered some facts –

They have an amazing plan for Health made Simple and over 20 years of research for products on skin for The Fountain of Youth

If YOU could use a simple and effective way to be healthier, Let’s talk.

If YOU are looking for more fun and a #sidehustle and love the title SEACRET Agent (you’re smiling again) Let’s talk.

If YOU could use a wee laugh, follow this link we have a product that can help you SAVE the CHILDREN LOL

I’ve included the research I have followed below – I’m not promising anything, just sharing my investigative findings.

I can’t wait to hear your story and see how we can help you, It’s simple, just reach out to Margaret-Ann ~ 613 294 6263 or hello@margaretanndavis.com

INTERVIEW Dr. Cohn & Nathanial Darnell about Molecular Hydrogen – WOW

Molecular Hydrogen (2018): A Scientific Miracle

Safe, Simple, Effective and Affordable 
LISTEN at 8 min 20 seconds – really it is UNBELIEVABLE
10 minutes his Dog 

  • Diabetes
  • Energy
  • Joint Discomfort
  • Burn Calories
  • Lose weight
  • Metabolic Fitness
  • Stabilize Blood Sugar levels
  • Reduce Bad Cholesterol
  • Increase Good Cholesterol, 


Another great site for interesting research done Cancer Tutor

Dry cracked hands, auto immune, sleep, acne, razor bumps, prevent aging, gnarly feet, sleep, hair – follow this link