Being successful in business is about meeting people, building relationships and staying connected. 

With Margaret-Ann, whether it’s business networking, Connect Ottawa, Syndicate Series and workshops or business opportunities, you will be surrounded by a team of cheerleaders who are constantly on the look-out to share your name and contribute to your success.

Here’s what people are saying …

When I first moved from everyday secured employment to being an entrepreneur I met a person from a networking company called GR, which was owned and run by Margaret-Ann Davis.
Over the years, being independent and self-employed I’ve learned the importance of putting people first and building relationships. As individuals, we often think “what’s in it for me, or how much I can make” this is something I truly believe that makes people, businesses and organizations successful only to a certain point. Success should be measured by how we can help others and how we can get them there without thinking about the monetary side. 
Thank you Margaret-Ann, for teaching me the importance of putting people and businesses first. Build relationships, not for wealth, but for your community.

Timothy Laflamme
Serendipity Group NFP

GR business networking is fantastic! I have been a member for 5 years and it is an arm of my business I couldn’t live without. 60-70% of my clients come from the referral relationships I have built with amazing GR members. I had no idea how the network would change my business. Building relationships with passionate entrepreneurs has increased my motivation, my confidence and skill sets. Networking it is something you have to commit to weekly, engage throughout your meeting and make it a point to get to know others in the group. These steps will no doubt grow your business.

Amy McGuire
Sales Representative
Keller Williams Integrity Realty

GR is more than a networking group it is an ongoing wealth of knowledge and inspiration. They don’t have limited restrictions as to where I can be and where I can network and how to manage my business. Also, I get to add value to each group that I attend by sharing what I have learned from other groups. I have acquired invaluable knowledge through the ‘Tricks of the Trade’ and Coach’s tip. This alone is worth the membership.

Ruddy Daniels
Main Street Magazine Ottawa

Kick Starters are not only great networking opportunities to meet new people, they are filled with valuable information that can move your business forward. Meet no -member and members IOC GR for new opportunities and friendship. 

Liz Raymond
Professional Business Organizer
Liz M Raymond PBO

I really  enjoyed the luncheon you put together at the Rideau Carleton Raceway Margaret-Ann.   A great number turned out, the conversations were good and enjoyed hearing from the gal that guides people thru therapeutic riding with horses. 
A surprise to me was one of the regular members introduced me to her guest who in turn ended up calling me last week and booked a trip.  
I finalized everything and set up his airfare, car rental and accommodation.  The fact that I would get business from attending that lunch day never even entered my mind and it reminds me that there is always the person you haven’t met yet!  

Jodie Young
Travel Specialist
Carlson Wagonlit

Kick Start 2018 was fun and informative! This is an essential way for business owners to learn, re-energize and make great new contacts. Thank you & see you at the next event!

Tim Schonberg
Financial Advisor
Sun Life Financial

Excellent Kick Start evening! Our host, Margaret Ann is genuine. Her inclusive liaison nature encourages community and facilitation. This energy attracts wonderfully engaging presenters that provides you and to those that are lucky to gather, practical tools to implement immediately and initiates inspiration within. So pumped now, thanks so much Margaret Ann!! See you next time!

Monika Miller

Love this group! They are motivated, driven, ambitious, and focused. But most important is that they are helpful, kind, and personable. These are the colleagues that become the best of friends!

Michele Davis
Event Planner
Health and Charity

I’m sold, as i say when I talk with people, I got a contract the first meeting I attended, why wouldn’t I explore all that GR has to offer.  

Jayson Trask
Legal Shield